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Ada Norah Henriquez


Ada Norah Henriquez is an accomplished lawyer with over twenty years of experience. She completed a Juris Doctor and a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in Sociology at the UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO Río Piedras. Ada Norah Henriquez is a wife, an entrepreneur, and a passionate public servant. She is former Associate Administrator of the Public Housing Residents Occupancy Division, Puerto Rico Public Housing Administration, overseeing ten regional offices and supervising 105 employees. Ada Norah is also former Director of Legal Division at the Authority for Infrastructure Financing Puerto Rico. After three decades of combined work and professional service experience as a public servant, an entrepreneur, and volunteer to community and national causes, Ada Norah Henriquez is candidate for the 117th Congress of the United States of America as the 21st Resident Commissioner for Puerto Rico. 

Professional Experience – Private Sector


  • Henriquez Law Service - Attorney at Law; Bankruptcy of -counsel 

  • AHC Law Services - Attorney at Law; Bankruptcy of-counsel, Civil, Criminal, Administrative and Appellate Litigation at local forums

  • University of Turabo Yabucoa Campus - Lecturer and Guest Speaker 

  • North Conflict Solution Center - Mediator & Arbitrator

  • Enrique Nassar Rizek & Associates – Attorney at Law; Litigation Division, bankruptcy court litigation, at Puerto Rico Federal District Court

  • University of Puerto Rico School of Law - Professor’s Aide-Criminal Law, Reader Aide

  • The New York Foundling Hospital - Social Worker – Specialist in Family Crisis Intervention

  • Professional Experience – Public Sector 

  • Associate Administrator Public Housing Residents Occupancy Division at the Puerto Rico Public Housing Administration.

  • Former Director of Legal Division at the Authority for Infrastructure Financing, Puerto Rico. 


Curiosities about Ada Norah Henriquez


  • Did you know that Ada Norah Henriquez was admitted to the University of Puerto Rico at the age of 15, and at the age of 19 completed a Magna Cum Laude Bachellors Degree in Psychology with a minor in sociology?

  • Did you know that Ada Norah Henriquez worked on the Citizen Interaction Committee with the Puerto Rico Police Department Humacao Region? The Citizen Interaction Committee was in response to the reform demanded by the Federal Court as the result of a lawsuit against the Puerto Rico Police for violation of the civil rights?

  • Ada Norah represented the legal professionals’ sector on the Committee helping the Puerto Rico Police Department (Humacao) respond to the findings of the Federal Report.

  • Did you know that Ada Norah Henriquez was a reader for the blind and visually impaired?

  • Did you know that at age of 19, Ada Norah Henriquez began working in New York, at a community-based program aimed to strengthen Students, families and educational agents regarding drug and alcohol consumption prevention among children in foster care; she served families of varied races and backgrounds?

  • Did you know that Ada Norah Henriquez has hosted two radio shows? Analysis with Light and Puerto Rico There is Still Hope.

  • Did you know that Ada Norah Henriquez is a member ally of the Alliance Defending Freedom? She joined in 2008. 

  • Did you know that Ada Norah Henriquez chaired the Citizen Coalition in Defense of the Family (CCEDFA)? Since 2011 she has been participating in initiatives by the Family Research Council in Washington DC, in defense of religious liberties, life and family? 

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